What is SEO and how to use it in your business

The practice of SEO should change a lot and the future will be both challenging and promising


What is SEO?

The term SEO (Search Engine Marketing Optimization) refers to the job of understanding search algorithms and optimizing your online presence to become more user-friendly with search engines allowing your content to Ranking (SERP) itself appropriately to its potential in search results.

What does SEO do?

SEO does not guarantee to Keywords Ranking, has no magic formula . SEO is all about a feature to trick search engines or to Keywords ranking for content. Many even try to use it this way, a few succeed, but the risks outweigh the benefits.


What we see today as a major trend for SEO is the predictive search, where, with information on behavior, search history, location and other data, the search engine tries to anticipate what information will be useful to the user at a given time and send this information before even if it does a search.

Example: when arriving at an airport (identified by GPS or wifi triangulation) for an international flight, Google can interpret the number of the flight in its schedule, identify to which country it is going and anticipate the conversion value of its local currency country of destination.

With the popularization of mobile and mobile applications, not to mention the potential of the internet of things and wearables, the search increasingly points to a model in which relevant information reaches the user even before he searches, often even before know that you need certain information.

Applications such as Siri (Apple), Now (Google) and Cortana (Microsoft) introduce not only the voice search and more naturally, but also the anticipation of people’s needs. Today, for example, Google Now can tell you what time you need to leave the house for a meeting, considering your calendar and traffic information. The possibilities here are endless and it is probably where we will see the next big changes with regard to search.

Whatever all search engineers agree on is that the search is still in its infancy and we will see major changes in this market in the coming years, with this the practice of SEO should change a lot and the future will be both challenging and promising to professionals who are aware and follow and understand these changes

Author: Sandeep Shinde