SmartBusiness for Android Application

This may be the application that you need to pre-sell and auto-sell for your Smartphone or Tablet, improving the productivity of your equipment.


Detailed analysis of SmartBusiness for Android Application

SmartBusiness is the auto-sales and pre-sales program that will help you improve the productivity of your commercial network by selling more and better, increasing sales opportunities and improving the productivity of your business.

The application has the autonomy to be able to work both online and offline since the data is stored in the application, it is easy to install and easy to use, since it learns very quickly the operation.

The application has a great variety of functions among which we highlight:
– Client management: you can create the client file directly in the application or import the file with the data of each client to manage them.
– Article management: for your convenience, you can import the file with the list of products or create them directly from the application.
– Orders / Delivery Notes / Invoices: you can generate documents without needing to be in the office or have an ERP, as well as the follow-up of them.
– Sales and Collections Management: having the sales and collections information of each client facilitates the management of operations, improving productivity at work.
– Offers / Promotions: through the option of offers and promotions, you can offer special discounts to your customers based on the parameters you wish to establish.

With the application you can work comfortably from anywhere as you can:
– Have the catalog of products quickly
– Access to the history of our customers
– Make order or budget at the moment
– Record customer fees and see outstanding balance
– Offer offers and personalized promotions to customers
– Make delivery notes, orders and invoices

Bringing the management of your customers through your mobile or tablet was never as easy as working with SmartBusiness

Download it now and start making your daily work easier!



Author: Sandeep Shinde