How to sort Excel rows

How to sort row in MS EXCEL

Often we do not realize it and even think it is unnecessary, but the ordering and organization of the lines in Excel are of paramount importance for readers to understand what you want to pass, as well as being aesthetically more presentable, of course.

To help in this, Excel has several ways of organizing and ordering the lines, the main ones being alphabetical and numerical. Best of all is that it is a simple and easy task to do. Even when there are two associated lines, where the information of A has to do with the values contained in B , for example, it is possible to put them in order without the information being shuffled, they move with their corresponding value.

Example: Consider a list of students with their respective school averages. It is intended, for better understanding and organization, to dispose of this data in order. There are four possibilities of ordering them: in alphabetical or inverse order of students and in ascending or descending order of averages. Remembering that the student / average ratio will not be affected.

Let’s see how to realize each possibility:


This step consists in arranging the information in order from A to Z or vice versa, from Z to A. To do this, proceed as follows:

1 – After the data has been posted in the Excel worksheet, select all the cells that are being used and go to the ” Sort and Filter” option , located in the upper right corner of the ” Start ” tools menu , as the images show:

2 –  Select the ” Filter” option and notice that small menu arrows will appear on each line, ” Students ” and ” Averages “.

3 –  Click the Students cell arrow and select the ” Sort from A to Z” option . Note that student names will be ordered as requested and without changing the value of each, so note that the Daiane cell moves without losing its value.


4 –  To do the inverse, that is, to arrange the cells from Z to A , just act in the same way. However, instead of selecting the ” Sort from A to Z” option , select ” Sort from Z to A” . Notice that the names of the students were in the order they requested.



It consists of arranging the numerical values contained in the cells of a row, in ascending or descending order.

To do this, perform the following actions:

1 –  Go to the menu arrow located in the cell ” Averages” of line  B , and select the option ” Sort from Smallest to Largest” , that is, the cells are in order from 0 to 10 .


2 –  To arrange the cells in descending order, proceed in the same way as above. However, instead of selecting the ” Sort from Smallest to Largest” option , select ” Sort from Largest to Smallest . 


Okay, now that you know how to sort and organize your Excel lines, use this to improve your understanding and location, as well as the other people who will have access to your spreadsheet.

Author: Sandeep Shinde