Steps to planning a successful SEO campaign

An SEO campaign is essential for a business to acquire the necessary visibility to attract its customers.

Have you heard about SEO Campaign and would you like to delve into this concept? Then this article may interest you. The concepts, tools and steps necessary to design a seo campaign will be discussed.

What is an SEO campaign?

An SEO campaign consists in the planning of the tasks of positioning both internal ( SEO on page ) and external ( SEO off page ) necessary for the target project to gain  visibility, that is, to be shown in first search results by relevant keywords , that attract new clients or generate new sales.

The acronym SEO is an abbreviation of “Search Engine Optimization” or what is the same, optimization for search engines.

Advantages of hiring an SEO campaign to a specialized agency

Nowadays, a large number of users look for information in search engines about what they want or need.

Appearing in first positions by strategic keywords , that is, those that are most relevant or profitable for the business, is one of the main advantages of carrying out a SEO campaign.

Therefore, the agency or company in charge of the same, must be able to detect those keywords more appropriate to the stage of the purchase process in which the users are located.

SEO may be one of the most profitable ways to generate qualified traffic.

In short, the main advantages or benefits of an SEO campaign are the increase in visibility, sales and qualified traffic .

Derived from these, we can get other results or benefits such as:

  • Engagement : The creation of valuable content is a form of communication with users and a way to create a small informed community that interacts with the brand.
  • Improvement of online presence: If we are able to create valuable relationships with our clients, based on trust, the image of our brand will benefit.
  • Increase in organic traffic: SEO & keywords ranking works, resulting in increased visibility and as a result of clicks or visits the page receives.


The bases of a Keywords Ranking campaign

SEO  is based on 3 main pillars: SEO on Page, SEO off Page and Contents. Content marketing is a part of the internal optimization of the page, but with the constant updates of the algorithm it becomes increasingly relevant and, therefore, we consider it a pillar in itself.

Prior to the implementation of improvements, it is essential to carry out an SEO audit in order to detect the main internal errors that are undermining the positioning of the page, (possible penalties, indexability, link profile quality, etc.).

That is, the company in charge must perform the planning of the SEO campaign. I tell you next what it is and how it is carried out:

Planning a SEO Campaign

When planning a campaign we must carry out the following tasks:

Keyword selection

One of the tasks of planning an SEO campaign is to select the most profitable words for the business and for which we want the project to be shown in first search results.

SEO audit on page

Through an SEO audit, barriers or obstacles that prevent the web page from being accessible to search engines must be detected, that is, that the contents of the web page are traceable, indexed and positioned later. Other aspects to consider in this study or analysis are: web architecture, responsive design, security, url syntax, meta tags, etc.

In this article I tell you all the tasks that must be carried out in an SEO consultancy .

SEO audit off page

It is important to analyze both the link profile of the page to be positioned as well as its main competitors , that is, those that are shown in first search results by the previously selected terms or keywords.

We must know the quantity and quality of the links that point to a website, the toxicity of them, etc.

Quality is difficult to determine given that there are multiple factors that affect it.

For practical purposes, a link is more valuable the more users click on it . Therefore, we can extract that factors that make a link more relevant are: the traffic that contributes to the web or how integrated they are in the content, that is, that are included in such a way that they are contextual and that add value to the user. As in the following image:

If you look, the links complement the information of the article and resolve doubts to the user.

Another aspect to take into account is the specialized or niche that is the medium in which we will obtain the link.

The naturalness should govern link building strategy is therefore important to have a varied profile links, ie, do not follow patterns, not optimize anchor, etc.

At the end of the day, these are aspects that a specialized agency takes into account when planning the seo campaign of any project.

Surely, you will be wondering how we get these keywords, how we determine the internal optimization needs of a page or how we analyze the profile of links from the competition. Well, we do it using SEO tools, I’ll tell you which ones below. Keep reading!

SEO tools needed for a campaign


Through this tool we can know in addition to the current positioning of the website with which we are working, other important indicators such as:

  • Volume of searches: It is one of the indicators to take into account when choosing the key words to position. When a website is new, it is sometimes convenient to start working with keywords with a higher volume of searches in such a way that we achieve a high flow of visits to the web.
  • Cost per click: It is an indicator that gives us information about the price that the competition is paying to advertise with this word. The words with the highest CPC are those that normally have the most competition and therefore it is interesting to arrive at first positions in an organic way for them.


It is a very powerful tool that gives us information about the backlinks of any website. We can know the amount of links that point to a page, whether they are dofollow or nofollow , what websites are coming from, the anchors that have been used to link, etc.

We can also know the key words positioned.

Other tools needed to carry out a seo campaign are: Analytics , Search Console , Keyword Planner , etc.

Selection of the KPIs to know the performance of our positioning campaign

To know the performance of a seo campaign, it is necessary to define KPIs suitable for the project. Each project is different and so will the metrics that help us to know its performance.

Therefore, it is fundamental to properly define the most important KPIs of a business.

And you, do you need an SEO campaign?

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Author: Sandeep Shinde