Structure of Facebook Ads Campaigns

At the beginning of 2018, Facebook changed the structure of its ad campaigns, dividing it into 3 parts, as shown in the following image:

– Campaign: you can establish a single objective for each campaign , so that the ads within it focus only on that purpose. Previously, you could have a campaign with ads of different goals.

– Set of announcements: it is the new leg of this structure. Its function is to make even morespecific the ads that have been included within it.

– Announcements: As the division previously explained (Campaign, Ad Group) exists, your Ads will already have a well-defined objective. The most advisable thing is that you “play” with them … change the titles, text and images in search of the ones that give you the best results. Create at least 3 Ads for each Ad Group.

So you can finish understanding how the structure of Facebook Ads works, we will see an example:

Imagine a hotel, which has rooms for two and four people and decides to do an advertising campaign on Facebook to increase its sales.

    • Bell

      The hotel will create a campaign and choose a goal. As your intention is to increase sales, it is best to select “Conversions on the website”, which is used to measure certain actions that you want the user to perform on your website or landing page.

    • Ads set

      Secondly, the hotel will create two ad groups within this campaign: one directed to the double room and the other to the quadruple room. This is because the public interested in each of them is different.

    • Advertisements

      Finally, it will make the announcements of each group of announcements, specifically designed to promote, the double room one, and the quadruple the other. That is, both the title, the text and the link of the ads, will be optimized and segmented for the public interested in the room that is promoting.

As you can see in the previous example, the idea of ​​this division is that each of your Campaigns has a single objective in its entirety (from the Campaign to the Announcements). In this way you will be able to concentrate all the efforts of the same, in a single end, creating more specific and relevant announcements for the users.

Then … make a promotion on Facebook consists of 3 steps: creation of the Campaign, Ad Group and ads.

For this, the most convenient will be to use the Power Editor, new editor for the management of your Facebook Ads ads that gives you the possibility to create a large number of ads in a simpler way. Apart from giving you a large number of options and additional tools.

Author: Sandeep Shinde