Tricks to put links in the bio and Instagram stories

Insta stories

We love brands and professionals with a digital presence. Their updates and still “not exploited” functions to share moments, are revolutionizing social media strategies, although those who start tend to think that you can not include links on Instagram beyond the link of the biography.

In fact, the latter is one of the most frequent issues left by the students of Convierte + and, specifically, of the course #Triunfagram .

So in this article we want to clarify that not only is it possible to put a link in Instagram Stories having less than 10 thousand followers, but we can even put more than one in our bio 🙂

How to take advantage of the link in your #IG bio and put a link in #Stories of unverified accounts

Options and tricks to put links on Instagram

After experimenting with accounts of different profile, both verified, as of company or staff, there is one aspect that you have to consider, and that is that Instagram does not stop evolving and does not show its same functions for all.

In this sense, the question of how to put a link in Instagram Stories is not completely resolved, because:

Until recently you had to have an account with more than 10 thousand followers to have the option to include links in the stories, a requirement that seems not always essential because there are those with less has seen their verified account.

In any case, it is very likely that you have or manage an unverified IG account, so do not miss this article with practical tricks to:

  1. Make the most of the link of the bio.
  2. Put a link in the stories of an unverified account.

1) Link to more than one site from the biography link

One of the smartest actions to create a super biography for your Instagram profile , is to make the most of the bio link by personalizing it with tools such as:

  • IgLink  | To convert the URLs that you mention in the descriptions of your photos in clickable once the users click on the link with format of your biography.
  •  | To take users who click on the link of your bio to more than one landing page (your website in several languages, the last posts of your blog, the featured products of your online store, etc.).
  • Link In Profile  | Another alternative to add clickable links to the images of your feed, so that your users can go to where you want (and everything also from the link of the bio).


2) Put link in Instagram Stories of unverified account

The stories offer so much potential when it comes to capturing leads on Instagram , which is not surprising that so many companies and professionals consider how to link their landing pages and recruitment forms from them.

As you well know, here the options are limited enough if you do not have a very powerful brand profile with more than 10 thousand followers, so take note of these tricks and practices to put a link in Instagram Stories:

Mention an account with a link in the bio

In line with the previous trick to make the most of the link that Instagram allows to put in the biography of all kinds of accounts, remember that if you mention an account from a story, you will also activate a link to it.

So many brands that have not yet reached 10 thousand followers take the opportunity to promote from the stories the latest update linked to your bio. For this, they only have to mention the name of the account from the sticker “@ mention”.

Author: Sandeep Shinde