What types of ads can you create in LinkedIn advertising?

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With more than 540 million registered users, LinkedIn has become the largest professional network in the world.

Due to the large numbers of users, many companies decide to invest in advertising on LinkedIn, although in most cases without much knowledge. In fact, there are many people who do not know that this advertising exists, but the truth is that if it is well created and structured, it can be a very effective campaign.

In this post we will show you the types of campaigns that exist on LinkedIn and what each one serves. First of all nothing, we assume that you already have a company page on LinkedIn !

What types of ads can you create on LinkedIn?


  1. Promoted Content

This type of ads is the most common in this social network. It allows to share content, such as articles, images or publications, to a segmented audience to increase the audience. This option is perfect if what you want is to expand the reach of news, promotions or business articles.

  1. Inmail Messages Sponsored

This type of ad is the most personal of all. Send a message directly to the LinkedIn mailbox of the people who are most interested in the advertisement. It is a very good tool if it is used well because it allows 100% direct contact with the target audience.

  1. Text ads

Are all those ads that when we navigate on LinkedIn appear only with a text. They appear at the top and right of the home page. All of them have a direct link to the website or landing of the advertiser. It’s the most basic ad that LinkedIn has.

  1. Display

They are ads with image or video format. They appear on the right side of the LinkedIn menu and are much more eye-catching than the text ones.

  1. Dynamic ads

These are ads that are generated depending on the profile of Linkedin, that is, they are personalized ads that are created based on the information provided by the user from their profile (work, hobbies, studies …). Companies can segment the audience they want to target (the more segmented the better). Thanks to the information provided by the user, the ad will appear in the profiles that fit most after making such segmentation. Its format is quite similar to that of Display ads.

Author: Sandeep Shinde