Types of ads on Facebook

Below I will show you all the ad options that exist and which one you should use according to the objective of your campaign:

1) “Like” the page: here the purpose will be to increase the number of qualified fans of your page.And I say “qualified” because of the wide possibility of segmentation allowed by the ads, which gives you the possibility of targeting them, purely and exclusively, to your ideal clients.

2) Interaction with a publication of the page: this option is intended to promote one or more publications of your Facebook page for companies , thus increasing the “Like”, comments and times the publication is shared, or the number of reproductions in the case of videos.

Very useful to publicize relevant news for your company , as important investments for it or the launch of a new product.

3) Clicks on the website:  you can create banner ads.with external links to Websites or Landing Page.Very useful to bring qualified traffic to your website. 

4) Conversions on the website: create ads to promote specific actions that users must perform on your website. Some of these actions can be the sale of a product or service, the registration to a newsletter or the downloading of an ebook.

5) Installations of your application: in case you have an application, this announcement will help you increase the number of downloads of it.

6) Interaction with your application: on the other hand, once your application has already achieved a considerable number of downloads, this option will make users interact more with it,generating more activity.

7) Responses to events: you created an event for the launch of a new product, you will announce new advances in your company or you will simply make an advertising action … “Responses to events” will help you promote it.

8) Requests for offers: here you can promote the offers you have created on Facebook . In the case that you have not created it yet, do not worry that you will be able to do it while you carry out your campaign.

4 Tips to make your Facebook ads work

1. Make it visual

The visual content is easier to share and to remember than the writing, and also the Facebook algorithm treats it more favorably by showing it to more people. It really does not matter what kind of ad you think your image should always be visually appealing.

2. That is relevant

Relevance is fundamental to success. Remember that you are spending money when someone sees or clicks on your ad (depending on the configuration you use). If you show ads that are not relevant to your target audience you will be wasting your time and your money and probably will not see success with any kind of advertising.

In February 2015, Facebook launched a feature that rates your ads and gives you a relevance score, similar to the ad ranking in Google AdWords. The more relevant your image, copy and landing page are to your audience, the higher your score will be, and the more favorably Facebook will treat your ads.

3. That includes a tempting value proposition

A value proposition tells the reader why they should click on your ad to get more information about your product. What differentiates your product from any other? Why should the user click on your ad to go to your website?

Your value proposition must be credible. For example, saying that you sell the best shoes in the world will not make people go to your page, but maybe offering 20% ​​off yes, or adding a social proof like “The favorite sneaker brand of more than 300,000 amateur runners. ”

4. Have a clear call to action

A well-designed and relevant ad is great, but without a call to action (CTA), your audience will not know what to do next. Add a CTA that gives a sense of urgency to the message like “Buy now and save 10%”, or “The offer ends soon”. The CTA should encourage people to click on your ad now.

The 3 main formats for Facebook ads

facebook bell

Format 1: Right column

This was the first advertising format that Facebook had. It is the one that appears on the right side of the user’s news feed.

Although the ads in the news feed are likely to get higher engagement metrics, with the ads in the right column we can get clicks and conversions more economically.

For an ad of this format to be successful, it must be relevant to the user, have a value proposition, a striking image and a call to action.

This ad is visual. It focuses on the discount to get the user’s attention. Being a limited offer causes a sense of urgency in the user, so he will click on the link to access the page.

Now that we’ve covered the three major ad formats, let’s see how you can use them for your business.

facebook bell adidas

It is visual, clear, simple and relevant for lovers of sneakers.

Format 2: Computer news section

This type of ad appears directly in a user’s news feed when they access Facebook on their desktop. An ad in the news feed has a higher commitment rate than one in the right column, but can also be more expensive. These ads must follow the good practices of Facebook and be attractive and visual.


bell facebook pdpaola

This image is not only larger than the ad in the right column, but also draws the viewer’s attention to the product. In addition, your value proposition is a discount, so you are much more likely to convert.

Format 3: Mobile news section

This type of ad appears in the news feed of the user’s mobile and is shown as an organic publication of people and pages that we follow.

Author: Sandeep Shinde