Use Google Calendar as a Personal Assistant

Google Calendar is a very useful application to organize day to day.

It also has the great advantage of being able to be used from your computer, or mobile devices.

You can keep updated your appointments, interviews, jobs to be delivered, birthdays, holidays, etc.

This tool supplants the well-known personal agendas of a lifetime …

Which in turn were replaced by the PDA’s although it was almost not noticed, because we immediately went to the cloud

Yes, it is amazing how in a short time we have gone from paper and pencil , to live in “the cloud”.

Of course not in the sense that my grandmother or my mother used to tell me they always live in the clouds ☺

Why use Google Calendar


First and foremost:

  • You want to have control of your time.
  • Do not miss activities
  • Get punctual to your appointments.
  • Control the schedule of activities of your children.
  • Never forget about birthdays
  • Feel the peace of mind of receiving notices about your annotations daily.
  • Make a notice sent to you when you have appointments … as long in advance as you wish.
  • Keep a list of tasks that you have to do.

In short, it is not just an agenda, it is a secretary that keeps you informed of your activities, appointments and commitments.

As if all this was not enough, it is also totally free.

Before you start using the tool, you can read this post with tricks to organize your time

Check your Calendar wherever you want


One of the best utilities of this tool is that you can also use it on your mobile devices, tablets, phones.Use Google Calendar

Everything you update or create on your devices is automatically and easily synchronized with your computer.

And if you do it on your computer you will see these updates instantly reflected on your mobile or tablet.


Calendar informs you of your events so you do not miss any of them


Google Calendar has a system of reminders that you can configure so that you receive notices of your events, as you prefer

Maybe you find it practical

  • A list of your events of the day.
  • That a few minutes before you remember each event
  • That inform you by mail.
  • Or pop-ups on your computer.

Keep task lists with Google Calendar

 Google Calendar also gives you the possibility to bring to-do lists .

If you do not want to live under permanent stress it is convenient not to write down tasks in your calendar.

If you write down tasks in the calendar.

  • You have a sense of urgency.
  • You never know exactly how long it will take you to complete each task.
  • It is likely that the tasks you have written down in the calendar can not be fulfilled by some factor external to you.
  • Or simply because you do not feel like doing it at that moment ..
  • Each time you do not complete a task in the time you had assigned you, you have to reprogram the calendar, with the consequent frustration that you get …

Then I recommend you use the creation of tasks in your Calendar



 In short, Google Calendar gives you many possibilities of use.

I recommend that if you still do not use it, investigate it a bit and start using it.

I believe that using Google Calenda as a personal agenda is a clear benefit that the use of new technologies brings to me.

Author: Sandeep Shinde