Use recommendations to create successful InMail message campaigns that are successful

Sponsored allows InMail messages to reach members with a personalized message, one on one on LinkedIn.

Since sponsored InMail messages can be viewed from mobile devices and from your computer, make sure your content is optimized for both platforms.

More information about the functionalities of the sponsored InMail messages .


Here are some tips to create an InMail message that is successful.

Global content strategy: focus on how the member of the conversation could benefit.

Subject: The matter must be concise, interesting and respectful. For example: We invite you to the FixDex Marketing event. Join our pilot program.

  • Note: When the person sending the sponsored InMail messages is a prominent and respected person your campaign will have a more positive effect.

Note: When the person sending the sponsored InMail messages is a prominent and respected person your campaign will have a more positive effect.

Personalized greeting: to insert a personalized greeting, type your greeting as Hello or Hello and add % FIRSTNAME%,% LASTNAME% to dynamically insert the member’s name and surname. (eg Hi% FIRSTNAME%, will appear as Hello Jane , from the member receiving the sponsored InMail message)

Image banner: Consider the use of an impact brand banner form.

Body of the message: Here are some tips for writing effective text in the body of your InMail message:

  • Begin your message by introducing yourself and establish a specific clear objective for your audience.
  • Keep the copy clear and concise, usually under 500 characters maximum
  • Formatting options such as bullets, italics, bold and underline are available, although we recommend keeping the simple and tone format from where you are in a conversation space.
  • Make sure that the hyperlink to the action clearly communicates what is expected on your landing page or the LinkedIn contact generation form of potential customers. Use LinkedIn of prospective clients to generate contact forms in capturing the quality of potential clients using forms that are filled out in advance with LinkedIn profile data. The forms of finding new contacts by sponsored InMail message are available for mobile and desktop campaigns. Get more information about the forms of potential contact generation clients .

Other resources to help you get started:

  • Checklist for sponsored InMail messages .
  • For detailed information, see our Guide to use recommendations for sponsored InMail messages .
  • Advertising specifications of sponsored InMail messages
  • Orientation guide

Visit the Campaign Manager to launch your campaign of InMail sponsored messages first.

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Author: Sandeep Shinde