How to use Twitter, tips, tricks, recommendations, tools and it’s services

Make the most of all the functions offered by this social network, to promote a brand, a business, a Facebook page, a blog or website. How to customize the style of your page, get more followers and popularity, effectively use the buttons and widgets and link your account with Facebook and other networks.

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Twitter is one of the main social networks of the Internet, in the United States it is the second social site in importance.
Truly Twitter is not a social network, it is a microblogging site, that is, a network to publish, exchange, share information, through brief comments in text format.
Some who are not properly informed of the purpose and use of this network, suffer some disappointment when they start using it.
For others who take advantage of all their possibilities to the fullest, Twitter becomes an inseparable part of their lives, a habit and even a need.
Twitter is a very useful tool, not only to publicize a new blog, but to promote your account in any of the social networks, such as Facebook, Pinterest, MySpace and others.

What is Twitter?

Twitter is a service on the network that allows people to communicate by sending and exchanging text messages called tweets.
The messages created in this way are published on your profile page and sent to the people who follow you, and can also be found by searching on Twitter.
This network is used primarily to read and obtain recent information.
Many people like and are pleased to publish information, events and news that others may be interested.
Twitter has a certain similarity with the conversations of people in real life and, to a large extent, it supplements the limitations imposed on us by modern life, in the treatment and in social relations.

How to use the features of Twitter

Twitter offers a series of functions that are unique to this network, it is necessary to know them and learn their vocabulary, to get the most out of it.
The main requirement to succeed on Twitter is to actively participate in this network. The functions that facilitate our participation are the following:
Tweets, retweets, mentions and Hashtags or labels (symbol #) It
also helps to create lists , have buttons available for users to tweet and follow our publications, but the main thing is to publish content useful and interesting, according to the theme of our page.
One of the measures of success on Twitter is reflected in the number of followers a user has.

What is a Tweet?

A Tweet is any message uploaded to Twitter with less than 140 characters (including blank spaces)

What is a Retweet?

A retweet, retweet or RT is to republish a Tweet created by someone, is to share the content of that message with all those who follow you.
There are two ways to do it:

─ Automatic, use the Retweet link under the message.
─ Manual, write RT + @ + Name of the user and then paste the content of the message.
Differences between manual and automatic Retweet:

By having the name of the person who wrote it, Twitter considers it as a “Mention” and is immediately seen by the person who has written the original tweet.
By doing an automatic Retweet, the person only sees it if he opens the “Interactions” tab.
Doing a manual Retweet is not lost in the case in which the retweeted deletes its original tweet, it also allows adding information, our opinion or hashtags to the original tweet.

What is to follow on Twitter?

Following someone means that we are subscribed to the publications that a certain person makes.
Each time that person creates a new message, it is displayed on our page. This person can send us direct messages that other users will not see.

How to know who I am following on Twitter?

The people we follow are known in Twitter slang as: “following”
Use the following link or the URL:!/following

What are followers on Twitter?

The followers are users who receive on their page all the tweets we make.
They appear in our list of followers and we can send them direct messages. In the slang of Twitter they are known as: “follower”

How to know who are my followers on Twitter?

Use the following link or the URL:

What is an @resply or @reply on Twitter?

A @resply (@reply in English) is the message that is created by using the “Reply” button in any tweet.
It will start with the format: @digitalsandeeps

What are mentions on Twitter?

A mention on Twitter, is when anywhere in a message includes a username, preceded by the @ character without spaces, for example @NorfiPC. In this way said user will know that he was mentioned in said message.
The list of mentions is accumulated in the mentions tab.

What are tags or Hashtags on Twitter?

On Twitter the symbol # is called a Hashtag (label pad) or label, it is used to mark and categorize the word to which it precedes, without there being any space.
The word thus marked in the message, becomes a keyword or term.
Anyone who does a search on Twitter for that keyword will receive the created tweet in the search results.
People use these tags in words or phrases (if they do not contain spaces) that are relevant to a topic.
When you click on one of these labels in a message, all the other tweets in that category are displayed.
Hashtags or tags should not be used indiscriminately, best practices recommend using a maximum of two tags in a tweet.

Examples of the use of Hashtags and mentions

Yesterday @ Matt Cuts made an amazing announcement that Google will withdraw the use of #Pagerank

To know about the #labels, @ Ayerim2012 has a very useful post

What is a direct message (DM) on Twitter?

A direct message is a private message sent to one of your followers, you can only send them to those who follow you, at the same time you can only receive them from the users that you follow.
To send a direct message, click on the People icon in the upper right corner, select Direct messages -> New message, type the name of the user.

Post to Twitter from a cell phone using text messages (SMS)

If you add your phone number to Twitter, it is possible to publish by sending SMS text messages from your cell phone to a specific code.
You have the option to use short codes (3 or 5 characters) to send and receive tweets, but if your country or telephone operator does not support it, you can use longer codes that only support the publication of messages.
Find out about the complete list of country codes on the following page: Country codes

URLs shortened in Twitter
When writing or pasting a URL in a message, it will be converted to 19 characters, no matter that it has less or more characters than the original address.
It will have the following format:
This service allows users to protect the original links from malicious attacks. The URLs converted in this way are previously checked in a database of sites considered dangerous.
By clicking on any of the links, they will lead to the original address.
It is always possible to use external services dedicated to shortening addresses, such as Bitly (, Facebook (, Google ( and others.

Measures and tips to be more successful on Twitter

• Publish about a particular content.
• Follow people whose publications add value to your page.
• Thanks any new follower manually and not using default automatic messages.
• Immediately respond to any direct messages from your followers.
• Use a description (Bio) in your appropriate profile, it will be what will talk about you, to those who access your page, the maximum number of characters that can be used is 160.
• Use the corresponding profile image, in case of a site you can use a logo On a personal page you can use a large rectangular image.

Add Twitter to pages and websites

You can promote your Twitter account on your blog or website and make it easier for your readers to share your content with their followers.
For that you can insert in any page the Javascript code that allows to show the following buttons:

Button Tweet (tweet) 
The first one, the famous Tweet button, when the user clicks, without leaving the current page, will open a small window where you can tweet, or recommend that page on Twitter.
The created message will consist of the title of that page and the URL that corresponds to it.
The button also shows the number of times the page has been tweeted.

Button Follow on Twitter 
Follow @digitalsandeeps
Button usually used at the bottom of the page, allows the user to click, if you have an account on Twitter, become your follower.
Previously Twitter will show you the content of the page you plan to follow.

Tag on Twitter 
Tweet # Stories% 20of% 20Twitter

Mention on Twitter 
Tweet to @digitalsandeeps

The necessary codes for the buttons can be obtained on the following Twitter page:

Impregnate the Twitter timeline in a web page

We can integrate to any web page our Twitter account using a Widget, that way a timeline is shown, which is not more than the last published tweets, which are updated in real time.
From this box it is possible for readers to tweet and follow us if they have not already done so. A preview is shown below.

Tweets por @digitalsandeeps
To get the Widget code open your profile page on Twitter and in the right bar choose the option: Widget .

How to link Twitter with blogs, web pages and social networks

Link to Twitter with different internet sites and social networks

Post your posts and posts automatically on Twitter

For those who own a blog on the Internet or a website, where they regularly publish new content, Twitter is one of the fundamental tools to alert and notify their followers.
It is not necessary to manually tweet the new publication, for that you can use a free and easy to use tool, it is the Twitterfeed service
It is only necessary to create a new account on your website, then enter the URL of the feed of our Blog or site .
You can select which services to link, which can be Twitter or Facebook.
After finishing configuring the service, automatically what is published will appear in our Twitter account, in our Facebook personal page or in a fan page, if we have one of them in this network.

How to link the Twitter account with Facebook

You can easily integrate Twitter with Facebook, which will allow you to post your Tweets on your Facebook profile or on a fan page if you have one.
To do so, follow the following steps:

• In your Twitter account, in the Settings menu, select the Profile tab.
• At the bottom of the page, click on: “Post your Tweets on Facebook”.
You’ll see the Connect to Facebook button .
• After logging in, click on “Allow” to accept the permission dialog.
If you have a fan page on Facebook, you will have the option to check the boxes that correspond to your profile page (biography) and your Facebook page.
• Next enter Facebook, go to Facebook Applications and select “Twitter”.
• If you want your friends to see your Tweets on your Facebook wall, select “Friends”.
Use the “Allow” button

How to link your Twitter account with Pinterest

If you have an account on the new Pinterest network , you can link it to Twitter.
It is necessary to activate this option in the configuration of your account in Pinterest, that way every time you make a PIN in any content on the internet, whether photos, images or videos, it will be published on Twitter.

Does Twitter help in the positioning of a page or website? 
One of the many factors that influence web positioning, or how a website is evaluated by the search engines, is precisely the Tweets that you have in this network.
After the last changes made in the Google algorithm, the votes that users post in social networks are very considered to decide the importance of a certain web page.
The “Tweets”, similar to the “Like” Facebook, are decisive.
Precautions when using Twitter
Be very careful when using the services in the network where it is necessary to give your username and password, mainly used to send tweets automatically.
Verify that the published tweets correspond and that they are not used to advertise their services.
Avoid all those who promise to send more followers and offer information, such as who has stopped following you, etc.
The use of services considered as sources of spam may cause the suspension of your Twitter account.
The terms of Twitter in English
Although up to now we have used the terms related to Twitter in the original English and many of them have been added to the Spanish vocabulary by the RAE.
They are the following:
Tweet = tweet
Tweet = tweet
Also: tweet and tweet
Customize the style of Twitter
Give a more original and personal touch to a Twitter page, will bring with it to convey more seriousness and authority to the followers.
There are several ways to give your own style, read how to do it on the following page: How to modify and change the style of the Twitter page
Create and display extended tweets on Twitter
Twitter has introduced a new feature that allows you to display additional content in the published tweets.
It is known as Twitter Card or extended tweets. It works by adding tags in the source code of the pages with information that Twitter scans and displays below the tweets.
Learn in another article how to implement the function in the pages of your site: How to show more content in the tweets using Twitter Card or extended tweets

Author: Sandeep Shinde