Vegetable Pakora Recipe

How to make Vegitable Pakora

How to make Vegetable Pakora-


  • 400 grams of Chickpea Flour


1.To make the vegetable pakoras the first thing that we must do is prepare the ingredients. Keep in mind that being a traditional Indian recipe you may find that some of the spices, such as the ajwain seeds, do not find them easily. If so, do not worry, you can do without any of them.

2. With this in mind, the first step to making the pakoras is to wash the vegetables and cut as follows: potatoes on sticks, onions in feather and cauliflower on thin pieces.
3. Then mix all the dry ingredients and add a little water until a slightly thick mixture is obtained. You can add aerated water if you want a crisper result.

4. With everything ready now, you just have to soak the vegetables in the previous mix. Stir well making all the vegetables are completely impregnated.

5. Immediately afterward, fry the pakoras in hot oil. Make sure the oil is hot and then check the temperature and make a proper cooking. We recommend you to fry each vegetable separately as each one takes a different cooking time.

6. Finally, drain and let the vegetable pakoras rest for a few minutes and serve each vegetable separately or all together, decorating with a pinch of chat masala and fresh parsley, and accompanying it with raita sauce or yogurt and mint sauce.


Author: Sarita Shinde