When we look for terrestrial transportation services for heavy loads, the acronym FTL always appears among the most important terms in the logistics and transportation sector. To determine which transportation service we should request according to our needs, we need to understand in depth what each term refers to.


Therefore, it is essential to understand the following:

Definition of FTL:

The term comes from the English and its abbreviations literally mean “Full Truck Load” , that is, full load truck or full container load. By FTL means that transport that requires a single load of truck, occupying it in its entirety.

Full Truck-Load is the shipment of a load that occupies a complete truck, whether its volume occupies all the space of the truck, the weight of the merchandise is the maximum allowed or because the owner prefers to send the load alone, although the truck does not go full.


Main features:

The main characteristics of this type of cargo is that they are easy to carry out for logistics companies, drivers and customers alike.

Well, transport companies should not devote additional resources to notifications, invoices or make stops at different loading and unloading points.

Drivers simplify the task as they do not have to load and unload multiple times, ensuring the load more easily.

As the owner of the cargo, this mode is the most efficient and quick alternative to move goods directly from the point of loading to the unloading, thus avoiding further transfers.



The advantages of carrying the load in a single truck are the following:

  • It is the best way to transport large volume loads.
  • It is ideal for delicate loads, ensuring that the contents do not suffer any damage.
  • It does not make additional stops, its route is direct and without any scale.
  • It is the fastest option to transport loads


When to choose an FTL service?

It is recommended to choose this type of cargo when we must transport something quickly and when there is a limited time, when our cargo is delicate, fragile or when it has some other characteristic such as being sensitive to temperature and it is preferable to occupy the full truck , also as when the load is very large and takes up a lot of space, it is recommended to choose the Full Truck Load service .


Now that we know what the Full Truck Load delivery service is, it only remains to analyze whether we should choose it versus the Less than Truck Load (LTL) modality Well, if a crucial factor is time or the type of cargo, it is convenient to opt for an FTL transportation.

Author: Sandeep Shinde