What is SEO?

The SEO or search engine optimization is a set of techniques and strategies to improve the visibility of a website in search engines like Google, Yahoo & Bing.

Its acronym means Search Engine Optimization. In this Online Training I will explain what types of SEO exist and the fundamental strategies that are developed.

It should be noted that SEO techniques allow us to improve the visibility  of a page in searches for free, but it is also possible to appear in the first results through paid advertising, SEM, which we will explain later.


WhiteHat SEO
It is the SEO strategy that bases all your actions on naturalness, and on which we will base the most in this free SEO course . It is the least dangerous to be penalized, but it is the most laborious.
GreyHat SEO
Unlike the previous one, it includes automation techniques close to BlackHat and out of the best practices recommended by Google, but  it does so with caution , since it keeps clean techniques as the basis of its strategy.
BlackHat SEO
It is considered the most dangerous . This type of SEO is based fundamentally on automation techniques that take advantage of the cracks of the web to maximize the potential of Keywords of a website. It is completely out of the guidelines that Google brand, and uses, say, unorthodox techniques.
Negative SEO
This strategy is to apply harmful techniques to a website of the competition to reduce its positioning. Mainly it is based on the purchase of toxic links in a massive way in websites already penalized and in spam actions.


The main SEO strategies are two:

SEO on page
They are made on the web itself, and consists of a good internal structure of contents, links, meta tags, titles, descriptions, headings, images, videos and alternative texts in each of its pages.
SEO off page
They are implemented outside the web. Basically it is in the strategy of generating and capturing links from other websites that point to yours, a technique known as linkbuilding .


No. What there is is a lot of literature, experiments, achievements, failures and a lot of opportunities to explore. What works today, tomorrow may not. Why? because Google only offers guidelines to make a quality, useful and relevant website for users , but it will never reveal the factors with which its algorithm plays to decide the position of the pages in its search results.

This is the most interesting and fun of SEO , learn step by step with each experiment and with each algorithm change that implements the big G.

Previously, Google made important updates of its formula in a timely manner every year, but now, in addition to these, others will be made constantly and automatically: the search engine learns alone .


The most important algorithm updates are two:

Google Penguin
Fight against the automatic creation of unnatural and low quality links (spam).
Google Panda
It penalizes content of low quality, irrelevant, duplicated or created by automatic robots.

There are others such as Google Hummingbird (semantic content: microdata and microformats), Quality Update (referring to meet the guidelines of quality content) or Pigeon ( SEO for local results).

As you can see, SEO is fundamental for any type of web that wants to get traffic from search engines. Now that you know the basics of search engine optimization, you can continue with the rest of the classes of this free course.

Author: Sandeep Shinde