Whatsapp Business

WhatsApp Business has arrived in India. The messaging giant begins to work with companies in a formal way, although at the moment in India it is only a pilot in which some companies participate. Some time ago some SMEs use WhatsApp to contact their customers, promote their products or services, report an appointment, etc. Now it’s different, WhatsApp offers the possibility to verify a company profile to communicate or send relevant information to its users with the guarantee offered by a verified profile.

Types of business accounts

According to some news that I have read, there are two types of WhatsApp accounts for business to highlight:

  • Business account: It is an account that started being private, but WhatsApp authorizes its change to a company account (it is not verified).

  • Verified business account: It is a company account that has been verified (has the green tick) and can also be used from the special version for companies. It would be the example of Blablacar or KLM that I mentioned earlier. The WhatsApp business app is not found in any marketstore. At the moment it is only accessible for companies that are participating in the pilot.

WhatsApp Business Utilities

Customer service channel:  Manage doubts about products, offers, orders, etc. A schedule can be scheduled for when the SAC is not available to receive an automatic message. As with Facebook Messenger.

Rapid communication with the client: In our daily life when we want to report something urgent or we call or send a message through WhatsApp, while the companies used mail or SMS, since they can not call all their customers. For example, KLM is using this service to warn of closing boarding gates, sending tickets or reporting the delay of a flight.

Statistics: Interesting to know how many messages have been sent, received, opened, etc. It seems to be a basic statistic, but something is something.

Actually, this news is a change for all those digital startups or apps that need to integrate forms of communication with their users. 


Do you think an intrusive system?

What applications do you see in the digital world?

Do you think the Fintech sector will be next?

What other utilities can you think of?

Author: Sandeep Shinde