A woman kills her boyfriend while they recorded a YouTube video convinced that a book would stop the gun bullet

The couple decided to record a video of dangerous content for their channel in order to get more followers

She shot him while holding a book to his chest, convinced previously by him that the bullet would not pierce him

Strategies to increase followers on YouTube are becoming more surprising and go beyond what is imaginable. In Minnesota, doing the impossible for a video to become viral has ended with the life of Pedro Ruiz, 22. He, along with his girlfriend Monalisa Perez (19 years old), was the creator of the channel ” La MonaLisa “, where vlogs rose over their daily lives.

In their next weekly video you could see a highly dangerous scene and that, they thought, would get their number of followers increased. Perez, a seven-month-old pregnant mother of a three-year-old girl, called police last Monday explaining that she had accidentally shot her partner (and the father of her children) in the chest while preparing a YouTube video , An arrest report that has been accessed by CNN .

How did the fatal accident happen?

Pedro was able to convince the young woman that what he intended to record in the video was totally safe, showing him a book that he had previously shot as a test, where the bullet had not reached the end, according to the lines of the report . He prepared two cameras to record everything, so that what he was about to experience was portrayed and then uploaded to your Youtube channel and became viral. That was his greatest wish.

With everything ready, it was Monalisa’s turn. She fired some 30 centimeters away with a semiautomatic pistol – named Desert Eagle – as he held the book on his chest. It did not happen what he longed for. The bullet took Peter’s life in the moment and with him, his hope of becoming the star of the Youtube world.


Monalisa Perez @MonalisaPerez5

Me and Pedro are probably going to shoot one of the most dangerous videos ever😳😳 HIS idea not MINE🙈

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“Pedro and I will probably record one of the most dangerous videos ever seen. It was his idea, not mine,” Perez tweeted on Monday in the social network. The video and the cameras with which it was recorded are being investigated.

Ruiz’s family tried to stop him

Claudia Ruiz, the young man’s aunt, told KVRR television that they were both in love. “It should not have happened at all,” he said. The couple’s family and friends have explained to the media that it is an accident. Likewise, they said that they would have tried to persuade Ruiz not to carry out his idea, but he wanted “more spectators.”

Monalisa Perez has been released on bail of $ 7,000 (about 6,100 euros) andfaces a charge of second-degree murder. The girl will have to go to trial next July 5. If convicted, she will spend 10 years behind bars and will have to pay $ 20,000 (17,500 euros). The conditions for your case are a GPS to control their whereabouts and the prohibition of firearms.

Jeremy Thornton, a Norman County Sheriff in Minnesota, has denied it was an accidental shooting. “I would not call it an accident, it was on purpose,” he told AFP.

In their videos the couple is happy with their three-year-old, who also appears in them. Social networks like Youtube coupled with the desire that the number of visits is greater cause certain people to risk their lives continuously. This time, what could have been a viral video leaves in its wake a deadly accident.

Author: Sandeep Shinde