WordPress integrates with PayPal to facilitate sales from websites

A very good news is the one we receive through The Next Web . From now on, owners of websites or blogs that use WordPress will have an integrated tool to offer a PayPal button . If we have a small online store or we want to accept donations, we now have in our hands a function that will facilitate the process without having to resort to third parties.

Premium tool

As you could imagine, this is a tool for WordPress Premium or Business users. Its price is 7 and 21 euros per month respectively , depending on the plan we have contracted. Once we launch this PayPal button , we have to fill in a tab with the details of the products that are sold, price, name and a photo. In addition, obviously, we have to register our account and our password of Paypal, because there will be where the money that the customers will enter.

Paypal on wordpress

Thus, when the user clicks on that button, the t window will appear in which the client has to enter the data of his PayPal account , where the form of payment and the amount are confirmed. This part, as you can imagine, is not customizable and can not be integrated into WordPress.

In a time where small online commerce is multiplying, WordPress has seen companies like Etsy.com , Big Poster or Shopify have risen popularity posts by specializing in that sector. With this move, WordPress wants to keep users from migrating to other platforms .

There will undoubtedly be users accustomed to using WordPress and who like their operation. With the integration with PayPal, the temptation to look for another service more focused on the sale is reduced.

In India, PayPal is the most well-known measure of online payment replacing the card, but there are others such as Braintree Payments or Striper or WePay with good results in other countries. WordPress has decided on the most successful, but if you really want to stay strong versus other platforms, you will have to consider expanding your available options. Either way, it is a good first step that makes WordPress a more complete service.

Author: Sarita Shinde