YouTube added a new feature to chat and share videos

YouTube added a new way to share videos with friends and acquaintances. So far, the clips could be passed to other users via a link , but now a tab, called a sharing, is added, which will allow the material to be passed in a more interactive way.

The option, in principle, will only be available for Latin America . It was tested in beta mode in Mexico, Brazil and other countries. In the coming weeks, this tool, which will be available from the mobile application, will reach all users in the region.

To use this alternative, simply select the shared tab to add friends and acquaintances as contacts. Once this is done, you can share and receive videos, as well as chat with the groups of contacts created.

We believe it will make sharing from your phone easier, faster and more fun. And of course, if you want to continue to share videos through other applications, you can also do so, “the company said in a statement posted on its blog.

All clips shared via this path will appear in the Sharing folder. The feature will be available for iOS and Android.

Author: Sandeep Shinde